Check out our Sushi Burritos from April 1st

For a limited time only, you can get your hands on a Sushi Burrito. All will be served uncut and served with Soy Sauce and Wasabi. Full selection and information can be found at our blog.
Available for delivery in Newcastle upon Tyne or pre-order in the North East

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Nudo Sushi Box Platter

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All our fish is supplied from responsible sources. The vast majority of our food packaging and containers are recyclable. Simply rinse and recycle. If you cannot recycle, please pop it in the bin. In addition, we want our sushi and other products to arrive to you sustainably by delivering using our electric vans.


Health conscious individuals find sushi provides a nutritious meal without consuming excessive amounts of fat, cholesterol, sodium and calories! Compared with sandwiches from national fast food chains, sushi has less than half the calories and less than 20% of fat.

For everyone

We understand that when it comes to sushi, it can sometimes be hard to find good quality on the go; our aim is to make sushi a regular, healthy treat as opposed to an occasional luxury. To achieve this, we offer distinctive, unique and beautifully prepared foods at affordable prices.

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Available for delivery in the Newcastle: NE1 to NE12, NE15 and NE21. (Manchester coming soon!)
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“Ordered online and loved it”

"I'm a very loyal customer, the prices are worth the food compared to other sushi places along with their seating places and the quality of food is exceptional!"

"Great sushi for a great price. They offer a range of options of varying sizes, both hot and cold, but i've never been disapointed. I always go for the tuna set. But there's plenty of choice and you can't go wrong with anything."

Nudo Sushi

Where it all started

Not just any noodle place but a unique noodle house that goes beyond noodle pop culture and into the soul of regional Chinese cooking. It delves further across Asia to give you both authentic and classic dishes. Our philosophy is to serve healthy quality food, in a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere, with a friendly and attentive service at reasonable prices.

Nudo Sushi Box was inspired by our experience at Nudo Noodle House. The name says it all, Nudo Noodle House, since opening in 2009, specialises in the preparation of noodles and other traditional comfort foods, including sushi.

The Nudo story
Nudo Noodle House - Drawing

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