The 'Nudo' story

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“Kallun your nudo is ready!"

Now and again we get people curiously asking how the name ‘Nudo’ came about.

The name bears great significance dating back from my early childhood memories. As a British born Chinese, I was raised by my parents whom had migrated to the UK as first generation Chinese. It took my parents a while to get accustomed to learning and speaking English. Through my recollection of them speaking any word of it in those days was small, I quite simply recalled them speaking only in broken English!

As a young child I loved food, but my favorite even to this day has to be noodles. Knowing I enjoyed noodles so much my parents, most occasions, before they prepared noodles to eat would tease and shout, “Kallun your nudo is ready!”

So I suppose that is how the word NUDO had stuck in my mind ever since. In early 2009, Nudo Noodle House was opened in Newcastle and was coincidentally named in memory of my wonderful parents! 

Karen Lau (Director and Creator of Nudo)

Starting with Nudo Noodle House

In memory of my wonderful parents we started Nudo Noodle House in 2009. Our philosophy is to serve healthy quality food, in a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere, with a friendly and attentive service at reasonable prices.

All ingredients are freshly prepared and made to order to provide a healthy, nutritional and sumptuous meals. Our speciality is of course noodles! Particularly soup noodles but saying that the wok noodles and lo mein noodles are just as delicious!

To find out more about our sister-brand visit the Nudo Noodle House website.

Nudo Noodle House
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Then, Nudo Sushi Box!

As part of the North East’s diverse food culture – and as the popularity of sushi has soared of late – we felt that the next logical step for us was to introduce a unique and easy to order sushi menu onto the high street.

When it comes to sushi, it can sometimes be hard to find good quality on the go; so we made Nudo Sushi Box! Our aim is to make sushi a regular, healthy treat as opposed to an occasional luxury. We offer distinctive, unique and beautifully prepared foods at affordable prices.